Name Style Price Thickness Width Length Bevels Material Lead Terminal Application Notes Photo
19-008 *tba* *tba* 6.3mm 6.3mm 16mm 0/0 *tba* None None AEG with spring,  B2-10, SB2-10, SB2-16Nl *tba*
19-027 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG TKS42 *tba*
19-028 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG HKS52 *tba*
19-029 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG HK65A, HK75A *tba*
19-030 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG OF450S, OFE500S, OFE650 *tba*
19-075 *tba* $8.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 010-075,  IW12, IW12/1 *tba*
19-228 *tba* $4.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 015-228,  TS1900 *tba*
19-239 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 216-239,  SB2-35 *tba*
19-359 *tba* $3.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 301-359,  VS280, VSSE280 *tba*
19-422 *tba* $4.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 223-422,  KN1.5 *tba*
19-425 *tba* $6.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 011-425, IW34  *tba*
19-556 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG BV26 *tba*
19-560 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 247-713,  PH210, PHE20, PHE26 *tba*
19-858 *tba* $4.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 268-858,  WS751 *tba*
19-863 *tba* $9.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 317-863, OFS50  *tba*
19-883 *tba* $4.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 312-883, WP1900  *tba*
19-886 *tba* $10.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 247-886, WSZ1100  *tba*
19-924 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 248-924,  V2.5WD *tba*
19-937 *tba* $4.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 244-937, VSS260  *tba*
19-969 *tba* $10.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG 009-969,  D12R/1, D122/R1 *tba*
19-022 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AEG HBS65, HBSE65 *tba*
166228 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* MK Diamond MK-BX-4, MK-TX-3  
DREM3 *tba* $7.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Black E *tba* QFF Dremel Tool 975 (F013097500)  *tba*;terminalqff.jpg
08-6891 Flat top side lead brush $3.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* 0/0 *tba* *tba* *tba* Black & Decker, Dewalt 144689-01, 144689-02, 2651 Type 100, 2651Type 101, 2652 Type 100, 2661 Type 100, 2661 Type 101, 2671, 2681, 2691, 2832 type 1, 2832 type 2, 2832 type 3, 5991 Type 100, 2832K type 1, 2832K type 2, 2832K type 3, 2834 type 1, 2834 type 2, 2834 type 3, 2834K type 1, 2834K type 2, 2834K type 3, 2836K type 1, Q145KS-2 type 1, 144689-02, 144689-01,  DC380K type 1, DC385K type 1, DW930K type 1, DW930K type 2, DW930K type 3, DW930 type 1, DW930 type 2, DW930 type 3, DW931K type 1, DW932K type 1, DW934K-2 type 1, DW935K type 1, DW935K type 2, DW935K type 3, DW935K type 4, DW935 type 1, DW935 type 2, DW935 type 3, DW936K type 1, DW936K type 2, DW936 type 1, DW937K type 1, DW937K type 2, DW937 type 1, DW937 type 2, DW938-ROT type 1, DW938-ROT type 2, DW938K-2 type 1, DW938K type 1, DW938K type 2, DW938 type 1, DW938 type 2, DW938 type 3, DW939K type 1  figure91j.jpg
08-206 Capsule brush $20.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Black & Decker 868203-00,  1707 Type 1, 1707 Type 3, 1707 Type 4, 1707 Type 5 *tba*
08-971 *tba* brush & brass capsule $10.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Black & Decker 248447-00, 248447-01, 760791-00,  3303, 3304, 4023 Type 1, 4023 Type 5,  4023 Type 6, 4024 Type 1, 4024 Type 5, 4024 Type 6, BD6200 Type 1, BD6200 Type 2   
150407-00 Capsule brush $16.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Black & Decker 6162 *tba*
08-825 *tba* lead $5.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Black & Decker 5014 Type 100, 5014 Type 101, 5014K, 27106 Type 1  871824-00
08-499 Spring-loaded brush $4.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* 0/0 *tba* *tba* Eared cap Black & Decker 87499-00, 70191-00,  3265 Type 1 figure204.jpg
08-1461 *tba* lead $6.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Black & Decker 940146-01,  3329, 3337, 3338 Type 1, 3338 Type 2, 3338 Type 3, 3339 Type 2, 3339 Type 3 *tba*
08-197 Capsule brush $8.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Black & Decker 283153-00, 283154-00, 284021-00, 284525-00, 868054-01,  3375 Type 4  *tba*
06-827 (Obsolete from Bosch) *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Bosch Tool 1981000827, 1-981-000-827, 1 981 000 827, 1967EVS  *tba*
3-604-321-518 (Obs. from Bosch) *tba* $10.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Bosch Tool 3604321518, 3 604 321 518, B4600  *tba* ~figure4
08-971  *tba* brass insert & brush $10.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 248447-01, 248447-00,  4023 Type 1, 4023 Type 5, 4023 Type 6, 4024 Type 1, 4024 Type 5, 4024 Type 6, BD6200 Type 1, BD6200 Type 2, DW430 Type 4, DW430 Type 5, DW431 Type 4, DW431 Type 5, Q700 Type 2  *tba*
248880-00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt   *tba*
284021-00 *tba* $30.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt   *tba*
08-4027 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 084027-00 *tba*
08-2500 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 284871-00, 284940-00 *tba*
289P *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 285099-00 *tba*
326186-04 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt   *tba*
08-4802 Flat top top lead brush $20.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* 0/0 *tba* insulated QFF Dewalt 327148-02, 44A ,  5093 Type 100, 5093 Type 101, 5095 Type 100, 5095 Type 101, DW530K Type 103, DW531K Type 103, DW540K Type 3  figure118a.jpg;terminalqff.jpg
369325-01 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt   *tba*
146475-00 *tba* $6.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt   *tba*
08-6892 Flat top top lead brush $5.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* 0/0 Copper M insulated QFF insulated Dewalt 387558-01,  2832 Type 1, 2832 Type 2, 2832 Type 3, 2834 Type 1, 2834 Type 2, 2834 Type 3, 2836K Type 1, DC380 Type 1, DC385K Type 1, DW930K Type 1, DW930K Type 2, DW930K Type 3, DW931K Type 1, DW932K Type 1, DW934K-2 Type 1, DW935 Type 1, DW935 Type 2, DW935 Type 3, DW935 Type 4, DW936 Type 1, DW936 Type 2, DW937K Type 1, DW937K Type 2, DW938 Type 2, DW938 Type 3, DW938K-2 Type 1, DW939K Type 1, Q145KS-2 Type 1  figure118a.jpg;terminalqff.jpg
401853-02 *tba* $7.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt   *tba*
402874-03 *tba* $6.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 27724 Type 1, DW830 Type A1, DW831 Type 1, DW831 Type 2, DW831 Type 3  *tba*
560324-00 *tba* $22.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt   *tba*
568108-00 *tba* $22.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt DW558K Type 100  *tba*
08-967 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 679967-00, 08-8032? *tba*
08-8611 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 716819-00 *tba*
08-197 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 761197-00 *tba*
08-1461 *tba* lead brush $6.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 940146-01,  3338 Type 1, 3338 Type 2, 3338 Type 3, 3339 Type 2, 3339 Type 3, DW624 Type 2, DW625 Type 2, DW625 Type 3  *tba*
08-8337 *tba* $3.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Dewalt 930897-00, 949833-07,  11501 Type 1, 27703 Type 1, 27703 Type 2, 27742 Type 1, 27742 Type 2, 27743 Type 1, 27743 Type 2, BD1600 Type 100, DW321K Type 1, DW321K Type 1, DW321K Type 2, DW321K Type 3, DW323K Type 1, DW323K Type 2, G750 Type 1, G750 Type 2, G750 Type 3  *tba*
99-012 *tba* $2.50 6.25mm 7.5mm 18.5mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hitachi 999-012, 999012, CLH, NLU2, NRU, NUDH3, NUDH4, NUN2, NUP, NUPSR, NUPSR3, NUSDRH2, NUSDRH3, NUSDRH4, NUSSR5 *tba*
999-065 *tba* obsolete *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hitachi C10FCE2, C10FCH2 *tba*
999-071 Spring-loaded brush $14.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hitachi DH45MR, DH50SBK figurehitachicap.jpg
999-075 *tba* $14.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hitachi CJ110V *tba*
999-080 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hitachi D10V1, D10VC, D13V, DH18VBK, DH22VB, DH22VD, DH24VBK, DH24VD, DH24VDK, W6V1, W6V2, W6VA1, W6VA2, W6VB    *tba*
999-084 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hitachi CJ65, CJ65V, CJ65VA, DH22, DH25VK, G10, G10SA, GP2, LA12, VR16 *tba*
999-086 Spring-loaded brush $15.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hitachi with autostop, H65SC, H65SD, H65SD2, H90SB, H90SBKIT, H90SBKIT2, H90SBKIT4, H90SE    figure204.jpg
22-16-0310 Spring-loaded brush $2.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Eared cap Milwaukee 6170 Ser 594-1001  figure204.jpg
22-18-0090 Spring-loaded brush $3.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Round cap Milwaukee 0140 Ser 91-1260, 0140 Ser 91-2922, 0140 Ser 91-5262, 0160 Ser 92-1076, 0160 Ser 92-1607, 0180 Ser 93-1151, 0180 Ser 93-2662, 0190 Ser 304-1001, 0190 Ser 304-6521, 0200 Ser 89-1180, 0200 Ser 89-3548, 0200 Ser 89-7323, 0200 Ser 89-9081, 0220 Ser 88-1460, 0220 Ser 88-40538, 0220 Ser 88-65425, 0220 Ser 88-8873, 0290 Ser 81-1060, 0330 Ser 83-1055, 0350 Ser 79-1085, 0370 Ser 78-1110, 0440 Ser 224-1001, 0480 Ser 226-1001, 0500 Ser 222-1001, 0520 Ser 221-1001, 5320 Ser 275-1001, 5400 Ser 107-4950, 5400 Ser 107-9775, 6000 Ser 285-1001, 6000 Ser 285-2905, 6540-1 Ser 127-1001, 6540-1 Ser 127-1301, 6540-1 Ser 127-2371  figure201.jpg
22-18-0260 (CP685A or PCT38) *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Milwaukee 22-18-0080,  5200 Ser 74-1655, 5200 Ser 74-2310, 5200 Ser 74-3511, 5200 Ser 74-3698, 5200-8 Ser 283-1001, 5200-8 Ser 283-1023, 5220 Ser 75-1300, 5220 Ser 75-2052, 5220 Ser 75-6015, 5220 Ser 75-6706, 5220 Ser 75-9482, 5220-8 Ser 156-1340, 5220-8 Ser 156-1720, 5240 Ser 76-1725, 5240 Ser 76-2626, 5240 Ser 76-5352, 5240 Ser 76-5856, 5240 Ser 76-8472, 5240-8 Ser 155-2375, 5240-8 Ser 155-2820, 5240-8 Ser 155-2845, 5240-8 Ser 155-3405, 5240-8 Ser 155-3430, 5240-8 Ser 155-4105, 5260 Ser 599-1001, 5590 Ser 47-14909, 5590 Ser 47-3080, 5590 Ser 47-5421, 5590 Ser 47-7506, 5590 Ser 47-8151, 5590 Ser 47-9416, 6020 Ser 49-15617, 6020 Ser 49-24532, 6020 Ser 49-41937, 6020 Ser 49-45937, 6020 Ser 49-6925, 6020-8 Ser 153-2250, 6020-8 Ser 153-2661, 6020-9 Ser 473-1003, 6020-9 Ser 99-49-301, 6020-9 Ser 99-49-923  *tba*
22-18-0280 *tba* $3.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Milwaukee 1120 Ser 306-1001, 1120 Ser 306-3001, 1120-1 Ser 324-1001, 1120-1 Ser 324-1286, 6535 Ser 305-1001  *tba*
22-18-0390 Spring-loaded brush $3.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Eared cap Milwaukee 1675-1 Ser 413-1001, 1675-1 Ser 413-2045  figure204.jpg
22-18-0480  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Milwaukee 5191 Ser 441-1001  *tba*
22-18-0490 *tba* $11.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Milwaukee 8600 Ser 440-1001  *tba*
22-18-0560 *tba* $22.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Milwaukee   *tba*
22-18-0600  *tba* $5.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Milwaukee 0135 Ser 614-1001, 0235 Ser 615-1001  *tba*
22-18-0610  *tba* $4.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Milwaukee 1130-1 Ser 618-1001  *tba*
20-002  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-007 *tba* $4.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo 34-301-067 *tba*
20-008 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-009 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-010  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-011 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-012 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-013 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-014  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-015 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-017 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-018  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-021 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-023 *tba* $3.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-033 *tba* $3.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-064 *tba* $4.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-071 *tba* $6.90 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-072 *tba* $3.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-094 *tba* $4.70 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-097 *tba* $7.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-099 *tba* $9.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-102 *tba* $5.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-103 *tba* $8.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-109 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-116 *tba* $5.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-128 *tba* $5.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-137 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
20-141 *tba* $6.75 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Metabo   *tba*
CB304  Spring-loaded brush $3.50 *tba* *tba* *tba*   *tba*  *tba* *tba* Makita CB-304, 191961-6,  HM0860C, HM1100C, HM1140C, HR3000C, HR4000C, HR4040C  figure201.jpg
CB120 *tba* $5.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Makita CB-120, 191921-8, 5280  *tba*
PCT182P *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 5182 *tba*
PCT252P  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 1258252, 1700  *tba*
PCT265P  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 878265, 878266, 347, 447, 447 type 1, 447 type 2, 742, 743, 843, 873 type 1, J-347, J-347 type 1, J-347 type 2, J-743 type 1, J-9743 type 1  *tba*
281A  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell E7, E27, E77  *tba*
395 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell E6  *tba*
PCT414P *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 518, 520  *tba*
489 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell BK10  *tba*
PCT652P  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 1257652, 639  *tba*
658 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell, Skil 107, 107A, 109, 149, 167A, 180, 181, 366, 370M, 370M-25, 371, 372, 374, 379, 384, 386, 390, 393, 515, 538, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576, 577, 579, 610, 771, 771-5, 771-10, 771-17, 774, 774-5, 774-7, 774-10, 774-25, 774-35, 774-50, 776, 776-5, 776-7, 779, 779-5, 779-10, 779-17  *tba*
681 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 471, 529, 730, 732, 734, 740, 744, 760, 785, 785-5, 790, 790-5, 790-8, 795, 795-5, 795-8  *tba*
684 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell, Skil 100 *tba*
698 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell, Skil 36, 45, 50, 51, 52, 55, 56, 61, 141, 161A, 174  *tba*
733 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell   *tba*
747 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 653 *tba*
756 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 378, 758, 758R, 766, 768  *tba*
PCT829P *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 629 *tba*
PCT941P *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 619 *tba*
PCT946P  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 875946, 351, 352, 352VS  *tba*
PCT853P  *tba* $5.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 1257853, 367  *tba*
PCT7003P  *tba* $6.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 1257003, 7600, 7601  *tba*
211710 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 7420, 7420  *tba*
254219 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 7410, 7820  *tba*
881507 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 444, 444VS  *tba*
884257 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 557, 7406  *tba*
884441 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 6626 *tba*
888386 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 7649 *tba*
1259132 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 125 *tba*
T184  *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Porter Cable, Rockwell 182, 183, 353, 371R, 379R, 384R, 386R, 770A, 770A-25, 771R-17, 772, 779R, 779R-5, 779R-10  *tba*
02-074 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Ryobi 6341-5404-210 *tba*
214D *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
292 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Skil, Stanley   *tba*
415 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
415A *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
416B *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Skil, Stanley   *tba*
34-017 *tba* $2.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 356017, 633, 7313, 7320, 7382  *tba*
34-032  *tba* $5.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 357032, 1575  *tba*
34-073 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 808 *tba*
34-083 *tba* $4.95 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 626083, 807, 5750, 5765  *tba*
34-109 *tba* $2.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 350109, 7565  *tba*
34-125 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 448, 449  *tba*
34-128 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 810, 5790  *tba*
34-143 *tba* $4.90 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 623143, 915, 9405  *tba*
34-320 *tba* $4.80 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 317320, 717, 719, 1750  *tba*
34-248 *tba* $1.90 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil 373248, 94, 1535  *tba*
34-280 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-296 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-332 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-335 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-342 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-343 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-350 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-3617 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-373 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-378 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-481 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-544 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-571 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-650 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-705 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-706 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-745 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-772 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-773 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-828 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-845 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-858 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-869 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-881 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-882 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-883 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-897 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-905 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-913 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-914 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-924 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-965 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-968 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-976 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
34-993 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
467 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Skil, Stanley   *tba*
482L *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
594 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
612 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
629 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
630 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
631 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
634 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
644 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
667 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
688 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
692 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
769 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
775 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
788 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
T3 Spring-loaded brush *tba* 0.250" 0.437" 0.875" *tba* *tba* *tba* Round cap Skil 449 Type 3, 853 Type 3  figure201.jpg
T50 Spring-loaded brush *tba* 0.187" 0.250" 0.531" *tba* *tba* *tba* Round cap Skil 75, 78  figure201.jpg
T105 Spring-loaded brush *tba* 0.250" 0.625" 0.844" *tba* *tba* *tba* Round cap Skil 103 Ser <110024, 124 Ser <120035, 143 Ser <130011,  S Type 1,   S Type 2, S Type 3,  S Type 4,  figure201.jpg
PCT35 Spring-loaded brush *tba* 0.250" 0.500" 0.875" *tba* *tba* *tba* Trapezoidal cap Skil 143 Type 3, T110 *tba*
T113 No lead brush *tba* 0.250" 0.250" 0.500" *tba* *tba* None None Skil w/spring, 592-892  figure252s.jpg
T114 No lead brush *tba* 0.187" 0.187" 0.594" *tba* Graphite G None None Skil w/spring, 310, 311, 322  figure252s.jpg
T117 Spring-loaded brush *tba* 0.219" 0.312" 0.688" *tba* *tba* *tba* Round cap Skil 318, 319  figure201.jpg
T207 Spring-loaded brush *tba* 0.250" 0.250" 0.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* Eared cap Skil 1706 figure204.jpg
34-962 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Skil   *tba*
282 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
283 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
369 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
T33 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
T76 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
T162 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
T175 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
T201 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
471 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
526 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
587 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
666 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
675 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
791 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Carter, Stanley *tba* *tba*
13-2537-70-9 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AO Smith, Boston Gear, Century, Dayton, Magnetek PM980T *tba*
28-503 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AO Smith, Boston Gear, Century, Dayton, Magnetek   *tba*
28-1795 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AO Smith, Boston Gear, Century, Dayton, Magnetek   *tba*
29-130 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AO Smith, Boston Gear, Century, Dayton, Magnetek   *tba*
29-569 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AO Smith, Boston Gear, Century, Dayton, Magnetek   *tba*
34-1127 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AO Smith, Boston Gear, Century, Dayton, Magnetek   *tba*
59519 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* AO Smith, Boston Gear, Century, Dayton, Magnetek   *tba*
3BSM004011-3 *tba* *tba* 20mm 32mm 46.5mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC DMI *tba*
3BSM005388-1 *tba* *tba* 12.5mm 32mm 46.5mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC DMI *tba*
43911161-246 *tba* *tba* 16mm 25mm 40mm *tba* RE59W *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC   *tba*
43911538-356 *tba* *tba* 20mm 32mm 40mm *tba* EG389E *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC split *tba*
43912224-925 *tba* *tba* 8mm 16mm 32mm *tba* BG24 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC   *tba*
43912424-856 *tba* *tba* 6.3mm 32mm 40mm *tba* BG24 insulated *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC Funny Extended Clip *tba*
43912724-846 *tba* *tba* 6.3mm 25mm 40mm *tba* BG24 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC   *tba*
43917061-257 *tba* *tba* 16mm 32mm 50mm *tba* RE59W *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC Trail. *tba*
43917061-357 *tba* *tba* 20mm 32mm 50mm *tba* RE59W *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC Trailing, split *tba*
43917168-357 *tba* *tba* 20mm 32mm 50mm *tba* SA35 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC Tuilling, YK43911861 *tba*
43917173-257 *tba* *tba* 16mm 32mm 50mm *tba* SA35 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC Trailing, split *tba*
49317435-457 *tba* *tba* 25mm 32mm 50mm *tba* SA35 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC split *tba*
49317838-457 *tba* *tba* 25mm 32mm 50mm *tba* EG389E *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC split *tba*
49318418-334 *tba* *tba* 10mm 15mm 25mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC EL, ERS, AV4391, 8034-334 *tba*
43919764-458 *tba* *tba* 32mm 25mm 64mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC R, 64 *tba*
43919770-12 *tba* *tba* 16mm 32mm 40mm *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC 381E, split *tba*
YK4391180-1 *tba* *tba* 10mm 32mm 40mm *tba* EG332 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC   *tba*
YK4391184-1 *tba* *tba* 12.5mm 32mm 40mm *tba* EG332 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC split, MGG180-200 *tba*
YK4391185-3 *tba* *tba* 16mm 32mm 40mm *tba* SA35 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC split, DMG *tba*
YK4391186-3 *tba* *tba* 20mm 32mm 40mm *tba* SA45 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC DMG280 *tba*
YK4391186-9 *tba* *tba* 20mm 32mm 40mm *tba* EG359/T *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC DMG, LAR *tba*
YK4391196-1 *tba* *tba* 10mm 32mm 40mm *tba* EG332 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC split, DMG *tba*
YK4391197-1 *tba* *tba* 25mm 32mm 40mm *tba* EG332 *tba* *tba* ABB, Asea, BBC split, DMG *tba*
TBR2211 *tba* $30.00 16mm 20mm 35mm Black E 64mm Yaskawa rivetted with red top *tba*
186142     0.250" 0.312" 0.625"         Otis   figure118a.jpg
P158-200-2690 Spring-loaded brush $11.90 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Eared cap Bison figure204.jpg
492000-49  Bevelled side lead brush *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* U- Bodine 492-00049, 49200049 figure7b.jpg;terminalu.jpg
492296-83  Bevelled side lead brush *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Bodine CO3, 492-29683, 49229683 figure7b.jpg
A90L-0001-0143 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0624-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0624-V011 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0631-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0632-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0601-X713 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0641-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0615-V011 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0815-V002 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0815-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0623-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0601-X726 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A90L-0001-0197#001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0820-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0817-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0805-V901 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0805-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0801-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0808-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0807-V903 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0601-X726 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
A290-0651-V001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fanuc *tba*
456-002-0002 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Gettys *tba*
456-002-0005 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Gettys *tba*
456-004-0002 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Gettys *tba*
456-005-0001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Gettys *tba*
456-006-0001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Gettys *tba*
456-007-0001 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Gettys *tba*
231-002-0007 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Gettys *tba*
230875 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 230867 *tba*
270301 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 271069 *tba*
275741 Flat top top lead brush *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* insluated D- Kohler 275741-S figure2.jpg;terminald.jpg
277170 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 277170-S, perhaps ~fig65 paired *tba*
285756 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 271746 *tba*
1222101-S *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 12 221 01-S, 1 paired with bolt, 1(2?) singles/ brush kit *tba*
1222102-S *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 12 221 02-S brush kit *tba*
2522101-S *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 25 221 01-S brush holder kit *tba*
4877522 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 48 755 22 brush kit *tba*
5208909 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 5208909-S, 52 089 09-S, brush spring *tba*
5222101 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 5222101-S, 52 221 01-S, brush & spring kit *tba*
5232303 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 5232303-S, 52 323 03-S, brush holder *tba*
6322101-S *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 63 221 01-S, brush set *tba*
6332302-S *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 63 323 02-S, brush holder assembly *tba*
8275528 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Kohler 8277528-S, 82 775 28-S, 2 wedges with O-terminal, 1 paired wedge w/bolt, brush & spring kit *tba*
RB10B-40 No lead brush attached to brass holder $37.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 10-C-40, RB10C-40, 030098-004 *tba*
RB12 No lead brush attached to brass holder $37.50 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 12, 030098-005 *tba*
RB21 No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 21, 060098-001 variac1.jpg
RB21-40 No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 21-40, 060098-002 *tba*
RB22 No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 22, 060117-001 variac1.jpg
RB116B No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 116-B, RB116C, 065431-001 variac1.jpg
RB116B-40 No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 116-B-40, RB116C-40, 065431-004 *tba*
RB117B No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 117-B, RB117C, 065431-001 variac1.jpg
RB126 No lead brush attached to brass holder $70.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 126, 122819-001 variac1.jpg
RB136 No lead brush attached to brass holder $70.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 136, 056135-001 variac1.jpg
RB146 No lead brush attached to brass holder $77.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 146, 176012-001 variac2.jpg
RB216B No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 216-C, 217-B, 217-C, RB216C, RB217B, RB217C, 065431-002 variac1.jpg
RB226 No lead brush attached to brass holder $70.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 226, 122819-002 *tba*
RB236 No lead brush attached to brass holder $70.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 236, 056135-002 variac1.jpg
RB246 No lead brush attached to brass holder $77.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 246, 176012-002 variac1.jpg
RB1296D No lead brush attached to brass holder $93.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 1296-D, 017702-012 variac2.jpg
RBLW136 No lead brush attached to brass holder $77.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 056223-001 *tba*
RBQ116 No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 065206-001 *tba*
RBQ117 No lead brush attached to brass holder $50.00 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Powerstat, Staco Energy Products, Superior Electric, Variac, Weschler 065206-003 *tba*
B9992BP *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5004B01 *tba*
B9992C Clip attached brush *tba* 0.312" 0.625" 1.250" *tba* Copper M *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5003C01 *tba*
B9993E Clip attached brush *tba* 0.437" 0.750" 1.250" *tba* Gray E *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5002E04 *tba*
B9994E Clip attached brush *tba* 0.375" 0.875" 1.250" *tba* Gray E *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5002E01 *tba*
B9996A Clip attached brush *tba* 0.312" 0.625" 1.250" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5003A01 *tba*
B9996B Clip attached brush *tba* 0.312" 0.625" 1.250" *tba* Copper M *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5003B01 *tba*
B9997E Clip attached brush *tba* 0.312" 0.875" 1.250" *tba* Gray E *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5002E03 *tba*
B9998D Clip attached brush *tba* 0.375" 0.875" 1.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5002D01 *tba*
BP5002H04 Clip attached brush *tba* 0.437" 0.750" 1.250" *tba* Graphite G *tba* *tba* Baldor *tba*
B9996E *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Baldor BP5004A01 *tba*
BP5006N01 *tba* *tba* 0.500" 0.625" 1.125" *tba* *tba* *tba* QF Baldor round top *tba*;terminalqf.jpg
BP5013S03 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 0.750" 1.125" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Baldor *tba*
BP5018Y01 *tba* *tba* 0.444" 0.750" 1.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Baldor 2470W-7, round top *tba*
BP5021V01 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GX *tba* *tba* Baldor *tba*
BP5046AP01 Spring-loaded brush *tba* 0.250" 0.375" 0.500" *tba* Black E *tba* Eared cap Black *tba* *tba*
CLT88 *tba* $7.95 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Clark T137 *tba*
CPR04-4S *tba* $41.71 0.500" 1.625" 1.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 419904-4S, RE04-4S *tba*
CPR04-11AE *tba* $58.24 0.625" 1.625" 1.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 419904-11AE, RE04-11AE *tba*
CPR04-51G *tba* $34.82 10mm 32mm 32mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 419904-51G, RE04-51G *tba*
CPR04-61AD *tba* $46.90 10mm 25mm 35mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance with ESP probe, 419904-61AD, RE04-61AD *tba*
CPR04-62AA *tba* $42.94 16mm 25mm 42mm *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 419904-62AA, RE04-62AA *tba*
CPR05AHH *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3305AAH *tba*
CPR05DE *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3305DE *tba*
CPR05DO *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3305DO *tba*
CPR06BB *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306BB *tba*
CPR06BE *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306BE *tba*
CPR06DB *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306DB *tba*
CPR06DF *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306DF *tba*
CPR06DM *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306DM *tba*
CPR06DP *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306DP *tba*
CPR06E *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306E *tba*
CPR06EL *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306EL *tba*
CPR06K *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306K *tba*
CPR06O *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306O *tba*
CPR06OD *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306OD *tba*
CPR06OE *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306OE *tba*
CPR06OH *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306OH *tba*
CPR06OT *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3306OT *tba*
CPR09-21A *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 411609-21A *tba*
CPR18GX *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 1018GX *tba*
CPR20VS *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 33020VS *tba*
CPR30-12B *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 413330-12B *tba*
CPR30-13AA *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 413330-13AA *tba*
CPR30-13AB *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 413330-13AB *tba*
CPR30-13AC *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 413330-13AC *tba*
CPR41AH *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141AH, RE41AH *tba*
CPR41AM *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141AM, RE41AM *tba*
CPR41AP *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141AP, RE41AP *tba*
CPR41AS *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141AS, RE41AS *tba*
CPR41AT *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141AT, RE41AT *tba*
CPR41AY *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141AY, RE41AY *tba*
CPR41BB *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BB, RE41BB *tba*
CPR41BC *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BC, RE41BC *tba*
CPR41BD *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BD, RE41BD *tba*
CPR41BF *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BF, RE41BF *tba*
CPR41BG *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BG, RE41BG *tba*
CPR41BH *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BH, RE41BH *tba*
CPR41BI *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BI, RE41BI *tba*
CPR41BK *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BK, RE41BK *tba*
CPR41BU *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BU, RE41BU *tba*
CPR41BW *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BW, RE41BW *tba*
CPR41BY *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141BY, RE41BY *tba*
CPR41CD *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141CD, RE41CD *tba*
CPR41CE *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141CE, RE41CE *tba*
CPR41CK *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141CK, RE41CK *tba*
CPR41CM *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141CM, RE41CM *tba*
CPR41FA *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141FE, RE41FE *tba*
CPR41GE *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141GE, RE41GE *tba*
CPR41GM *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141GM, RE41GM *tba*
CPR41GS *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141GS, RE41GS *tba*
CPR41GT *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141GT, RE41GT *tba*
CPR41GU *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141GU, RE41GU *tba*
CPR41GW *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141GW, RE41GW *tba*
CPR41H *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141H, RE41H *tba*
CPR41HE *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141HE, RE41HE *tba*
CPR41I *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141I, RE41I *tba*
CPR41LK *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141LK, RE41LK *tba*
CPR41LM *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141LM, RE41LM *tba*
CPR41MS *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141MS, RE41MS *tba*
CPR41MY *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141MY, RE41MY *tba*
CPR41NB *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141NB, RE41NB *tba*
CPR41PD *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141PD, RE41PD *tba*
CPR41PE *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141PE, RE41PE *tba*
CPR41PX *tba* $23.70 0.750" 1.250" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141PX, RE41PX *tba*
CPR41RC *tba* $45.61 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141RC, RE41RC *tba*
CPR41U *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141U, RE41U *tba*
CPR41UK *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141UK, RE41UK *tba*
CPR41US *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141US, RE41US *tba*
CPR41CJ *tba* $42.87 0.562" 1.625" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141CJ, RE41CJ *tba*
CPR41YY *tba* $46.93 0.750" 1.625" 2.750" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3141YY, RE41YY *tba*
CPR44AP *tba* $14.99 0.375" 1.250" 1.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-AP, RE44AP *tba*
CPR44A11 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-A11, RE44A11 *tba*
CPR44AV *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-AV, RE44AV *tba*
CPR44BD *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-BD, RE44BD *tba*
CPR44BG *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-BG, RE44BG *tba*
CPR44BM *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-BM, RE44BM *tba*
CPR44BT *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-BT, RE44BT *tba*
CPR44BU *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-BU, RE44BU *tba*
CPR44BV *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-BV, RE44BV *tba*
CPR44CZ *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-CZ, RE44CZ *tba*
CPR44DA *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-DA, RE44DA *tba*
CPR44DB *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-DB, RE44DB *tba*
CPR44DR *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-DR, RE44DR *tba*
CPR44EH *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-EH, RE44EH *tba*
CPR44EZ *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-EZ, RE44EZ *tba*
CPR44GZ *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-GZ, RE44GZ *tba*
CPR46C *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 404844-C, RE46C *tba*
CPR56-6EB *tba* *tba* 0.375" 1.000" 1.625" 0/0 *tba* 3.250" insulated U-0.195" Reliance 416956-6EB, RE56-6EB *tba*;terminalu.jpg
CPR60BA *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3360BA, RE60BA *tba*
CPR60E *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 3360E, RE60E *tba*
CPR63-8ANC *tba* $45.33 0.500" 0.750" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 418263-8ANC, RE63-8ANC *tba*
CPR83-3B *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 411683-3B, RE83-3B *tba*
CPR83-7B *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 411683-7B, RE83-7B *tba*
CPR83-10A *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 411683-10A, RE83-10A *tba*
CPR83-11E *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 411683-11E, RE83-11E *tba*
CPR83-18B *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 411683-18B, RE83-18B *tba*
CPR93-18C *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Reliance 411693-18C, RE93-18C *tba*
GCB103 *tba* *tba* 0.312" 0.875" 1.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Baldor *tba*
GCB104 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 0.625" 1.000" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
9188283P01 *tba* $20.25 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
25C781P03 *tba* $14.30 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
W4 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Welder 1330614 *tba*
W5E *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Welder 1334192 *tba*
W28 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Welder 1330688 *tba*
W28E *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Welder 1330522 *tba*
W44 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Welder 4906825 *tba*
W55 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hollup, Welder 40050 *tba*
W80 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Hobart, Welder *tba*
3P190102 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 1.500" 1.750" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* Louis Allis *tba*
9BPMU08800 *tba* *tba* 0.312" 0.625" 1.000" 0/0 *tba* 1.250" Eared cap: 0.500" Leroy Somer figure204.jpg
36A164454DAP01 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 1.500" 2.500" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
36A164455DAP2 *tba* *tba* 0.500" 1.500" 2.500" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* GE   *tba*
36A164933CAG01 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
36A167401-4 *tba* $29.57 0.875" 0.625" 1.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
36A173734ACP02 *tba* $65.49 1.250" 1.500" 3.250" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
36B465472AAG02 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
40D929 *tba* $4.42 0.156" 0.125" 0.312" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* *tba*
41A232456P12 *tba* $41.96 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
41A23504P2 *tba* $39.22 0.750" 1.500" 2.375" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
41B539622P05 *tba* $45.46 0.750" 2.250" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
118V345P01 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE 118V345P1 *tba*
120A537G *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
153D1928P01 *tba* $7.98 0.252" 0.630" 1.787" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* *tba*
196A098G11 *tba* $14.76 0.312" 1.500" 1.750" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
197C6775P03 *tba* $49.47 16mm 32mm 50mm *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* *tba*
197C6871P02 *tba* $28.45 25mm 32mm 20mm *tba* Gray E *tba* *tba* *tba*
220A238G10 *tba* $14.23 0.375" 1.500" 1.750" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
345P714G01 *tba* $13.96 0.500" 1.250" 1.750" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* *tba*
345P982G01 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
457-0842 *tba* $10.66 0.312" 0.375" 0.750" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* *tba*
493X317P06 *tba* $40.17 0.750" 2.250" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
8135979AC12 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE 532M *tba*
538-8541 *tba* $10.28 0.375" 0.375" 1.125" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Delco *tba*
625A600AB23 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
625A619CA1 *tba* *tba* 0.250" 0.375" 0.875" *tba* Graphite G *tba* *tba* GE 5869390AB, 5869390ABG1 *tba*
625A682-673LC *tba* $13.17 0.250" 0.500" 0.875" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
894A505P02 *tba* $47.19 0.750" 1.500" 2.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
894A500P2 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
894A501P14 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 1.000" 2.000" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE T563 *tba*
894A502P4 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 1.250" 2.000" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE B253 *tba*
894A502P14 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 1.250" 2.000" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE T563 *tba*
894A503P43 *tba* *tba* 0.500" 1.250" 2.000" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE T563 *tba*
894A504ABP13 *tba* *tba* 0.625" 1.250" 2.125" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE T563 *tba*
894A506P13 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 1.000" 1.187" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE T563 *tba*
3300A61A003P1 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE 3300A61A003P01, A61A003P01 *tba*
5977-00-476-1510 *tba* $19.36 8mm 25mm 17.5mm *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* *tba*
5944-00-583-9916 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 0.375" 1.250" *tba* Black E *tba* *tba* *tba*
7026 *tba* $19.74 0.500" 0.750" 1.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
7045 *tba* $24.59 0.500" 1.000" 1.625" *tba* Copper M *tba* *tba* *tba*
7052 *tba* *tba* 0.500" 1.250" 1.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Prestolite T1126MG *tba*
7063 *tba* *tba* 0.343" 0.750" 0.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* T1237M *tba*
40458-3 *tba* $54.16 0.750" 1.500" 2.750" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* has probe *tba*
45646 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
55620-664P01 *tba* $36.21 1.500" 1.250" 2.250" *tba* Gray E *tba* *tba* *tba*
142922 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
1330449P01 *tba* $17.16 0.625" 1.000" 2.000" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
1330662P01 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 0.750" 1.250" 15/15 *tba* 1.625" *tba* GE 377 *tba*
1334490X16 *tba* $16.31 0.250" 0.750" 1.250" *tba* Graphite G *tba* *tba* *tba*
1455690 *tba* *tba* 0.375" 0.750" 1.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
1593269 *tba* $15.91 0.750" 1.250" 2.000" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Westinghouse *tba*
5004264 *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Fincor *tba*
5895806AA2 *tba* *tba* 0.500" 0.500" 1.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
6726234P01 *tba* $20.86 0.625" 1.250" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba*
8790303P24 *tba* $23.90 0.375" 1.500" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE 10-371534 *tba*
8790304P24 Bevelled top lead brush, Clip attached brush $24.13 0.500" 1.500" 2.250" 35/30 Black E, T563 4.250" U-0.281" GE ~10-501532, 10-501533 figure21w.jpg;terminalu.jpg
8790304P25 *tba* $24.13 0.500" 1.500" 2.250" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* GE *tba*
13730515 Spring-loaded brush $16.51 0.360" 0.360" 0.440" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Arc Products double-headed spring-loaded *tba*
3525532400-2 *tba* $7.79 0.375" 1.000" 1.500" *tba* *tba* *tba* *tba* Allis Chalmers *tba*
90-317491 $11.69
97-249921 $7.97
228C7434P0001 $45.52 0.880" 1.625" GE, Slip ring 61047688, 10-168839-150-4-01
75-371532 Bevelled top lead brush, Clip attached brush 0.375" 1.500" 1.750" Black E Otis w/metal clip, 240J3, 47334033 figure9ve.jpg
10-101563 ??? $46.91
10-371041 ??? $16.11 Graphite G
10-751533 $44.26
10-751599 $49.57 0.750" 1.500" 2.750" 30/25 Black E 5.000" tinned
10-501231 $17.90
10-501293 $29.90 Gray E
10-621522 $28.48 0.625" 1.500" 2.000" 4.500" O-0.218" GE 24C824P2, 6727577P1, 6726577, 6727577, 6727577P02, D74904, K6727577
10-621523 $22.35
914974 $12.39 11-374513
RC12C1604 $15.96 11-375022
10-253723???cap? Spring-loaded brush $6.20 0.250" 0.375" 0.875" 0/0 Black E 1.250" Eared cap: figure204.jpg
12-255021???cap? Spring-loaded brush $8.98 0.250" 0.500" 1.406" 0/0 Black E 1.500" Eyelet cap: figure202.jpg
AC3???cap? Spring-loaded brush $8.98 0.250" 0.500" 1.406" 0/0 Graphite G 2.125" Eyelet cap: 0.687" Allis Chalmers 12-255041 figure202.jpg
16-316261 $10.84
25-871532 $43.58
25-871591 $52.60
30-255541 $12.86
30-499892 $21.73
30-621241 $16.92
50-371511 $7.60
52-257561 $6.18
59-501221 $11.55
65-326422 $6.88
70-841391 $48.96 0.843" 1.312" 2.625" 4.250" U-0.344" EMD 8417868, PD5102
90-317411 $11.66
41A235048P6 $34.50 0.750" 1.500" 2.375" GE, Locomotive 10-751523-580-2-04, 41A235048P06
41A235897P3 $31.76 0.750" 1.500" 2.500" GE, Locomotive 10-751525-770-2-03, 41A235897P03
998X90 Spring-loaded brush $7.75 0.375" 0.375" 1.000" 0/0 GE, Locomotive 10-373710-035-1-02, 55620-829P01
2245480 Silver M GE Medical GE Lightspeed
2245479 Silver M GE Medical GE Lightspeed
5977-01-366-6862 $3.00 Black E NSM 90-182610-034-8-01
YP00886 Spring assembly Pacific Scientific NSN: 5340-01-260-0213
41A238230X02  T888
368B4055P001 $51.07 GE 61049468
117V739X01 GE
894A501P43 GE
1334040X05 T563 GE
133453601 T563 GE
36A167401AAP6 GE 5CD258AT
416956-6BR Reliance
25C2922SRB63 T508 GE Traction Motor
8828400P1 Split brush GE
9698294P01 GN582 Westinghouse generator, 9698294
1334361P08 GE
1330413P1 GE
5895806HA5 GE
5895472AA4 GE
36A167400AAP1 GE 36A167400AA001
8820190X01 GE
36A167401AAP8 T563 GE 36A167401AAP01
36A167402AAP4 GE
36A164451AB005 GE
36A164453AA005 T566 GE
36A167401AA1 GE
36A164453AA05 GE
771A501G16 WZ314 Westinghouse
36A164451ABP05 T566 GE
36A164453AAP05 GE
1334501P06 687
894A501P02 R310 GE
1334361X12 R310, T568 GE
1334346P9 R310 GE
1334412P1 GE
1334214 GE
1330883P01 GE
894A502P01 GE
1334412P01 GE
36A164453AAP20 GE
36A164451ABAFX12 GE A164451ABAFX12
36A164456AAP01 GE
225A186P4 GE
36A167401AAP06 GE
36A164452AAP20 GE
36A164453AAP5 GE
36A167401AAP1 GE
36A164451ABP5 GE
1334528P03 GE
894A503P13 GE
894A506P04 GE
894A504P03 B253 GE
1334346P09 R310 GE
8790305P24 GE
894A500P04 GE
1334490P8 GE
8704746 GE
36A164456AAP20 GE
36A164457ABP2 GE
894A505P11 GE
955A416P01 GE
1334501P01 GE
8704728P01 GE
894A417P01 GE
36A167402AAP03 GE
240-J1 Otis
61005879 SA-45 National NSN: 5977-00-586-3644, 5977005863644
36A222448AAP01  T479 National 26C505P01, NSN: 5977-00-176-5085, 5977001765085
2-1376 H4WB MAGNETEK NSN: 5977-00-512-7397, 5977005127397
894A500P18 GE
625A651AF7 GE 5BCJ56EA36A
894A507P1 GE 894A507P01
36A164451ABP18 GE
1334084 GE
894A501P04 GE 894A501P4
8790304P20 0.500" 1.500" 2.750" GE
625A630AA005 GE 625A630AA5
625A600AAG8 GE 625A600AA8
337B696P09 $49.86 0.750" 2.000" 3.000" GE Model 28B981, Type MD610EA, KB7401488
5977-00-479-3328 0.250" 0.250" 0.500" 671 Helwig 67-252550-032-5-01
5977-00-504-6163 0.24" diam. 0.687" H250 Helwig 75-002468-009-0-01
5977-00-116-5564 $17.10 0.500" 1.250" 2.000" Helwig 10-501220-400-1-09
323B7898P02 $39.22 634 GE 61044264
36A164452AAP21 T563 GE
201112716 20mm 32mm 64mm CG653 ABB KWGZ0000012256, HTMG309205P1, CM5H, 
481281729598 (AEG 3) 5mm 12.5mm 36mm AEG-Whirlpool
61010047 0.750" 1.250" 3.000" 634 National S1 40 25 96 R 802 
955A470P14 $65.00 GE AWC
BP5036AH02 0.500" 1.500" 2.250" Baldr w/sensor, 80-501522-198-2-02
36B465483AD001 $50.00 GE
36B465483AA001 27.5 GE
36A164452DAP20 $60 GE 10-871532-792-3-03
25C12776P01 $36
711A126P45 0.750" 1.250" 2.750" 634 GE GE GAS TURBINE MS5001, 711A0126P0045
FR43910017-15 12.5mm 32mm 32mm ABB
57870027 5mm 10mm 18mm 0/5 Copper M Slip ring
124A3528ABP1 0.375" 1.250" 2.250" 76-3 10-371222-403-9-01, made for Delphi Automotive
83-371220-460-9-01 0.375" 1.250" 2.000" 39-174 made for Delphi Automotive
63914394 $12.50 National NSN: 5977-00-583-9916, RC12-1205
8430993 $44.33 0.625" 1.750" 2.312" EMD 10-621723-580-3-01
9322054 0.625" 2.000" 2.250" 0/0 4.500" U-0.281" EMD 70-622092
8413190 0.375" 0.750" 2.000" Gray E, HH 3.750" U-0.344" EMD, Slip ring 70-753721
11-371027 0.375" 1.000" 1.250" Westinghouse X38M9, X38M98
11-371092 0.375" 1.000" 1.750" Westinghouse  
30-399831 10mm 25mm
11-501031 0.500" 1.000" Westinghouse 872A033G08, A03211, EDEL29, X38R15, X38RS1H15
2437670 0.750" 1.250" 2.250" GE, Slip ring 10-127543
10-127595 0.750" 1.250" GE, Slip ring